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Lover of the Night

12 Feb

Love Poem

why are you scared of the blaring flash lights … for we make love not war why are you worried of the footsteps from a distance… for we make love not war behind closed doors and shut curtains, we melt into each other i wish that feeling was an object to see i want to […]

The Kanvas Girl and other ideas at the Lil Flea Market Mumbai 2015!

3 Feb

Komal and her shining smile

A flea market (or swap meet) is a type of bazaar that rents space to people who want to sell or barter merchandise. Used goods, low quality items, and high quality items at low prices are commonplace. That’s the definition of a Flea Market by our dear Wikipedia. So when my friend asked me on […]

Reopening Schools Mid June is such a Bad Idea !

15 Jun

Reopening Schools Mid June is such a bad idea !

 So someone asked me on twitter : how would you write the date 15th June 2014 in 5  letters ? And the answer that instantaneously came to my mind was ‘school’! Ah ! I know  it isn’t a five letter word…. And neither it’s the right answer to the question asked …  But it’s the […]

BHEJA-KHEEMA PAO @ The Grant House, Mumbai

2 Mar

bheja kheema pao

So I have started taking up weekend classes on Indian Contemporary Art and  Modern Art. The classmates are pretty much from diverse backgrounds. So  guess what worked as a great ice-breaker ? FOOD ! of course ! I met this great bunch of girls, particularly interested in all kind of cuisines. I  thought WOW ! […]

Corn Spinach Sandwich @ Santacruz, Mumbai

12 Feb


I am recently introduced to a super sandwich joint, by my sister. Sandwizza is a great stop over if you have a hunger pang amidst the busy railway station area of Santacruz, Mumbai. He serves grilled sandwich, masala toast, and some highly Indianised versions of pizza as well. I had this amazing corn spinach sandwich […]

Beer for the Sobers !

22 Jan

bavaria beer

Found this one at the Britannia Cafe in Ballard Estate, of Mumbai. Cost was 100/- a can. This is truly a beer experience I can say for sure, that too without any alcohol content! So people who want to drive back home, and share a beer with their friends should totally opt for this ! […]

KAALI PEELI – bidding adieu to Mumbai’s Padmini Taxi

12 Aug

So on my way home i felt a sudden upsurge of pre-mature nostalgia when i saw a padmini taxi pass me by, while waiting for my BEST bus. I thought,”bus ne mi nehmich jaatey, aaj Padmini taxi gheuya”. I kept  looking for one, ignoring the other taxis with a high brow … A Padmini stopped […]