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Rome-ing in Italy for Pasta !

5 Feb

Rome-ing in Italy for Pasta !

I recently went to Rome on a holiday. This is my third trip to Europe and my seventh country in the continent. All these years I have been travelling from India and almost everything had been awe-worthy. The cleanliness, the systems, the ease in commute, the people (or the lack of it), weather, fashion, even […]

BHEJA-KHEEMA PAO @ The Grant House, Mumbai

2 Mar

bheja kheema pao

So I have started taking up weekend classes on Indian Contemporary Art and  Modern Art. The classmates are pretty much from diverse backgrounds. So  guess what worked as a great ice-breaker ? FOOD ! of course ! I met this great bunch of girls, particularly interested in all kind of cuisines. I  thought WOW ! […]