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Longing or Waiting ….

17 Sep

Longing or Waiting

Am I Longing for you Or Waiting for you? In the routineness of time In between the day and the night With hours of wishful thinking Followed by some quick erasing I wonder if I am Longing for you Or Waiting for you! For waiting is a word of the mundane While Longing has some […]

Reopening Schools Mid June is such a Bad Idea !

15 Jun

Reopening Schools Mid June is such a bad idea !

 So someone asked me on twitter : how would you write the date 15th June 2014 in 5  letters ? And the answer that instantaneously came to my mind was ‘school’! Ah ! I know  it isn’t a five letter word…. And neither it’s the right answer to the question asked …  But it’s the […]

Beer for the Sobers !

22 Jan

bavaria beer

Found this one at the Britannia Cafe in Ballard Estate, of Mumbai. Cost was 100/- a can. This is truly a beer experience I can say for sure, that too without any alcohol content! So people who want to drive back home, and share a beer with their friends should totally opt for this ! […]