Rome-ing in Italy for Pizza

5 Apr

All over the internet there are too many recommendations for pizza places in Rome. But there is one place that you have to go – BONCI. If i am not wrong, there are only two Bonci Pizzariums in Rome. I went to the one just outside Cipro Metro Train Station. Its a busy place only meant for take out pizzas. There are two ledges outside the shop where you can stand and bite into this truly delicious wonder. And buying pizza here is an experience. Here’s how…

Come out of Cipro Metro station and on your left is this tiny but very busy Pizza place.
Pull out a token number from this self-operated machine and only then enter.
I read this board and told myself ‘let me forget all other plans for the day… this pizza experience is going to take some time’
Here you order pizza by weight. So once you know which one you want to eat you can actually direct the person across the counter for as big a piece you want of the pizza. I made sure I bought smaller slices of each, so i could taste more than one ! #LifeHack
And some more pizza !
So they weigh your pizzas, make a bill for you on the ticket number you got in your hand. You pay it at the cash counter and then come back to pick up your box of heated pizza. This was my box. By this time my friends had left for India and I was on a solo trip from here on. So I ordered one classic margarita to eat on behalf of my vegetarian friend.
I also ordered an arancini – this is a cousin of Suppli. Suppli is more of a roman rice ball coated in bread crumbs often stuffed with cheese, while Arancini is stuffed with ragu, peas and pasta. I liked this better than Suppli.
Here’s how the Arancini looked from inside.
There are two tiny ledges outside the pizzarium where you can rest your box and bite into the thin crusts topped with fresh cheesy wonders. I did the same because I was too impatient to find a better spot and was worried if I wanted more pizza, I rather stay close to the shop. You know … just in case ! 😉

Bonci Pizza
Open 11 am to 10 pm on most days

At this pizza place I met a fellow pizza lover who also explained to me that Bonci is a very renowned chef from Italy who owns and runs this Pizza Shop chain. So here you go with some extra info on the side.

Apart from Bonci pizza a very very famous pizza chain is Alice pizza. They have their outlets almost everywhere around Rome. There is one right opposite Termini Station. But frankly I wouldn’t say that Alice pizza matches the quality and class of Bonci pizza. But if you are in a rush and haven’t tasted a good pizza, you can go ahead and bite into one. I am not judging ! Hope you enjoy a great trip in Rome !

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