Corn Spinach Sandwich @ Santacruz, Mumbai

12 Feb

I am recently introduced to a super sandwich joint, by my sister.


Sandwizza is a great stop over if you have a hunger pang amidst the busy railway station area of Santacruz, Mumbai.

He serves grilled sandwich, masala toast, and some highly Indianised versions of pizza as well. I had this amazing corn spinach sandwich in white bread.
The filling is first nicely placed on a slice of bread and the other bread slice is then carefully placed onto the mountain of corn, spinach and cheese batter. It’s not too spicy, and has subtle seasonings in order to maintain the raw spinach flavour. Once this is placed on  the   toaster, the cheese melts and bonds the vegetables and the bread slices together. A  generous  dash of butter is added to the half toasted sandwich. This adds a layer of over  roasted / often   burnt flavour to the bread and hence gives the nice brown color. That’s it and your hot hot snack on the go is served  !

Cost : 80/-

  Slightly overpriced for being a street sandwich, but worth a try !

Corn Sandwich @ Sandwizaa Santacruz Mumbai

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