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Rome-ing in Italy for Pizza

5 Apr


All over the internet there are too many recommendations for pizza places in Rome. But there is one place that you have to go – BONCI. If i am not wrong, there are only two Bonci Pizzariums in Rome. I went to the one just outside Cipro Metro Train Station. Its a busy place only […]

Rome-ing in Italy for Pasta !

5 Feb

Rome-ing in Italy for Pasta !

I recently went to Rome on a holiday. This is my third trip to Europe and my seventh country in the continent. All these years I have been travelling from India and almost everything had been awe-worthy. The cleanliness, the systems, the ease in commute, the people (or the lack of it), weather, fashion, even […]

A Good-Bye !

12 Jan

He always used to make a farting kind of sound on her cheeks. ‘What kind of a kiss is this,’ she used to say in a fake angry tone. She obvously liked it a lot… but did not want the last kiss to be this one. “I dont wish to give you a last kiss,’ […]

share /SHer/

12 Jan

share /SHer/ noun a part or portion of a larger amount that is divided among a number of people, or to which a number of people contribute. verb have a portion of (something) with another or others. Sharing comes naturally to me and many others, where I come from. We are just used to sharing […]


30 Dec

Vancouver is part of Beautiful British Columbia. You enjoy the joy of living in a city amidst snow-capped mountains and enthralling sea views.

So I have been receiving a lot of requests and DMs asking for more information on my move to Canada. Instead of answering the same questions over and over again, I thought its better to put it all together in a blog. I know each case is different and you may still have some very […]

Reopening Schools Mid June is such a Bad Idea !

15 Jun

Reopening Schools Mid June is such a bad idea !

 So someone asked me on twitter : how would you write the date 15th June 2014 in 5  letters ? And the answer that instantaneously came to my mind was ‘school’! Ah ! I know  it isn’t a five letter word…. And neither it’s the right answer to the question asked …  But it’s the […]

That Night in Spain !

7 Jun


Four of us were on our own, on a shoe string budget… Traveling Spain… It was a holiday all of us can never forget, even if we try hard… apart from the many other memorable things WE DID / SAW / DRANK / & ATE; this one remains the best memoir – for its super […]

Walk to Guru’s Glory ! Take Back Memories of Kingdom !

6 Mar

me at the Taksang Monastery

ऑगस्ट महिन्यात मी भूतानला गेले होते. Rather, मला जायला मिळालं ते एका साहित्य संमेलनाच्या निमित्ताने. Mountain Echoes या नावाचा एक English Literary Festival. तीन दिवसांच्या या पुस्तकी discussions नंतर मी ठरवलं भूतानच्या 10,000 फूट उंचीवर असलेल्या ताकसांग मोनॅस्ट्रीला भेट द्यायची. हा ट्रेक भूतनीज लोकांसाठी खूपच auspicious आणि बाकी पर्यटकांसाठी त्यांच्या फिटनेसची परीक्षा घेणारा. एका डोंगराच्या […]


22 Jan


न्यूजरूममधली गडबड म्हणजे रोजचीच गोष्ट. हा शो ऑन एअर कधी होणार. अरे यार ते शूट लाईन अप करायचंय. व्हिज्युअल्स काय जातायंत चेक कर. पण जानेवारीचे तीन-चार दिवस हा सगळा कल्लोळ फेड आऊट होतो. त्याचं कारण, गिरीविहार रॉक क्लाइंम्बिंग कॉम्पिटिशन. गिरीविहार ही एक गिर्यारोहणप्रेमींची संस्था आहे. संस्था, क्लब, ग्रुप असं काहीही म्हणा. पण ही लोक भन्नाट […]

I jumped from an Aircraft @ 3500 ft ! – Skydiving India

12 Jan

the victorious feeling after safe landing

स्काय डायव्हिंगचा रोमांचक थरार   मी ज्यांना ज्यांना माझ्या ‘त्या’ शूटबद्दल सांगत होते त्या सगळ्यांनी मला एकच प्रश्न विचारला. ‘अय्या, ते ‘जिंदगी ना मिलेगी दोबारा’सारखं करणार तू?’- मी आपली हो हो म्हणत होते सगळ्यांना. हे असं सगळं मनात सुरू असताना मी बारामतीला निघाले. तिथे भरला होता महाराष्ट्रातला पहिला स्काय डायव्हिंग फेस्टिव्हल. आम्ही जरा उन्हं चढल्यावरच […]