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Worked Up !

18 Jun


All your pretty pictures on my FaceBook timeline remind me of your existence, Believe me! I want to make that call to you; to hear your voice ! 🙂    FacebookTwitterPinterestTumblr

Reopening Schools Mid June is such a Bad Idea !

15 Jun

Reopening Schools Mid June is such a bad idea !

 So someone asked me on twitter : how would you write the date 15th June 2014 in 5  letters ? And the answer that instantaneously came to my mind was ‘school’! Ah ! I know  it isn’t a five letter word…. And neither it’s the right answer to the question asked …  But it’s the […]

That Night in Spain !

7 Jun


Four of us were on our own, on a shoe string budget… Traveling Spain… It was a holiday all of us can never forget, even if we try hard… apart from the many other memorable things WE DID / SAW / DRANK / & ATE; this one remains the best memoir – for its super […]

DeekshaBhoomi @ Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

5 Jun

Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.

- Buddha

DeekshaBhoomi @ Nagpur, Maharashtra, India – pdlight The architect of Indian Constitution, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar along with his lakhs of followers converted to Buddhism     FacebookTwitterPinterestTumblr

OPEN LETTER – To, Dear Imtiaz Ali

8 Mar

imtiaz ali

Dear Imtiaz Ali, I must say I am a big fan of your style of story telling. And I already think of you very highly, for extracting the right kinda acting from all your actors till date. And you did the same with your latest movie HIGHWAY. For many reasons, I feel, Highway is not […]

Walk to Guru’s Glory ! Take Back Memories of Kingdom !

6 Mar

me at the Taksang Monastery

ऑगस्ट महिन्यात मी भूतानला गेले होते. Rather, मला जायला मिळालं ते एका साहित्य संमेलनाच्या निमित्ताने. Mountain Echoes या नावाचा एक English Literary Festival. तीन दिवसांच्या या पुस्तकी discussions नंतर मी ठरवलं भूतानच्या 10,000 फूट उंचीवर असलेल्या ताकसांग मोनॅस्ट्रीला भेट द्यायची. हा ट्रेक भूतनीज लोकांसाठी खूपच auspicious आणि बाकी पर्यटकांसाठी त्यांच्या फिटनेसची परीक्षा घेणारा. एका डोंगराच्या […]

BHEJA-KHEEMA PAO @ The Grant House, Mumbai

2 Mar

bheja kheema pao

So I have started taking up weekend classes on Indian Contemporary Art and  Modern Art. The classmates are pretty much from diverse backgrounds. So  guess what worked as a great ice-breaker ? FOOD ! of course ! I met this great bunch of girls, particularly interested in all kind of cuisines. I  thought WOW ! […]

Corn Spinach Sandwich @ Santacruz, Mumbai

12 Feb


I am recently introduced to a super sandwich joint, by my sister. Sandwizza is a great stop over if you have a hunger pang amidst the busy railway station area of Santacruz, Mumbai. He serves grilled sandwich, masala toast, and some highly Indianised versions of pizza as well. I had this amazing corn spinach sandwich […]

Taufiq Bhai, Music Room & Mutton !

25 Jan


All it took was just a call to get an appointment with Taufiq Qureshi. The world famous Indian Percussionist Taufiq Bhai. They say he introduced Indians to the instruments of percussion value. I think, the fact that i was introduced to him by Legendary Trilok Gurtu made a lot of difference to the way he remembered me, when I called […]


22 Jan


न्यूजरूममधली गडबड म्हणजे रोजचीच गोष्ट. हा शो ऑन एअर कधी होणार. अरे यार ते शूट लाईन अप करायचंय. व्हिज्युअल्स काय जातायंत चेक कर. पण जानेवारीचे तीन-चार दिवस हा सगळा कल्लोळ फेड आऊट होतो. त्याचं कारण, गिरीविहार रॉक क्लाइंम्बिंग कॉम्पिटिशन. गिरीविहार ही एक गिर्यारोहणप्रेमींची संस्था आहे. संस्था, क्लब, ग्रुप असं काहीही म्हणा. पण ही लोक भन्नाट […]